A Family Owned Business

Quimex Inc. has been in business for over 42 years. Quimex Inc. was found by Phil Estrada and passed down to his children:

Brandon Estrada, the current President, and Jennifer Estrada-Griffith, is Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

By Virtue of Brandon & Jennifer's nationality (Mexican-American), Quimex Inc. is a 100% Minority Owned and Operated Business
Enterprise. The Company's name, (Quimex) is derived from the Spanish word quimica, which means chemical, and the prefix mex which stands
for the word Mexican.

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Quimex Inc. is a chemical, solvent, and lubricant distribution company. We supply motor oil, industrial oils, biodegradable oils, antifreeze and many other automotive fluids to approximately 600 industrial and automotive accounts.

Our chemical and solvent division supplies building block raw materials to the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry

Our Certifications

Quimex Inc. is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by:

The City Of Chicago

The State of Illinois

The State of Indiana


The Metro Water Reclamation


Our Products



Process Oils

Chemical & Solvents


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